Сrossroads Sorrow Square, Kolomyia




Chaotic parking, pedestrians taking a shortcut and crossing the pavement diagonally, unsettled cyclists, lack of a defined path for traffic, these are just some of the problems with this space!

In our concept, we tried to show how to reorganize this space based on modern urban approaches. By significantly reducing and optimizing the size of the intersection, we have gained more space for public space and landscaping. Clearly separate the flow of cars, pedestrians, and cyclists, and make the space more comfortable and safe. We have allocated space for legal parking.

In these situations, it is also important to recall the effect of Urban Heat Island, literally - a heating space in the city. We are talking about the fact that such a large plane of dark color in the summer especially strongly concentrates and emits heat, thereby increasing the temperature in the city by several degrees (studies show a temperature difference in some cases from +3 to +10 degrees Celsius!).