Concept 7 towers district




The concept of creating a business district with a shopping center, offices, hotel and residential area in the center of Lviv

When traveling to New York or London, we are always impressed by the grandeur of sky-scrapers, these are well-known centers of business activity. Lviv, a city that is developing rapidly, and it will be changing. In this project, we had the opportunity to develop a concept for a specific land plot, with the placement of multifunctional buildings, a residential quarter and a preschool institution. These are seven towers, or rather 7 Towers.

The western block, which faces the city's Main Street, includes a shopping and entertainment center in the stylobate part, as well as an office center with a height of 26 floors. In the east direction, the floor level decreases, sections from 10 to 16 floors are offered. The residential quarter includes residential units of various formats, from premium apartments in the low-rise section, townhouses, to affordable one bedroom suits in the high-rise section.

The complex can be divided into two key blocks: a more urban space with a large area and majestic structures for work, and a large-scale, natural, with lots of greenery and recreation areas for residents.